50 $1, 25 $5, 25 $10, 25 $20, 25 $25, 25 $50, 25 $100, 25 $500, 25 $1000, 25 $5000, 100 $10000 For 375 Total Chip Tokens

AllA Viacad's Alne Poker:

Per Player 10-1, 4-5, 3-10, 2-20; $100| 4-50; $300| 2-100; $500| 3-500, $2000{10+4+3+2+4+2+3=28 Chip Tokens Per Player With My Amount Of Money With 1 Value Chip Being $0.1}, 3-1000; $5000| 1;$10000 Or 5-5000; $30000| 7-10000; $100000

Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, Then Spades Top Highest Wins

Royal Straight Flush, Straight Flush, 5 Of A Kind, Strait, 4 Of A Kind, Flush, Full House, Three Of A Kind, 2 Pair, Pair, Then Single Best Card

52 Card Deck 2 Jokers, Shuffle-Mix-Shuffle-Mix-Shuffle-Mix-Shuffle 1 Cut Allowed Each Shuffle And Not Per Player If You Refuse Cut You Have To Cash Out And No Card Burning Ever!

5 Card Draw No Face Up Cards, Up To 5 Card Redraw Strait Poker, Everyone 1 Ante Per Hand, Any Amount Of Cards During Single ReDraw Strait Rules Real Honest Vegas Rules

1st Better Starts With Dealer And Goes Clockwise 1 Player Every Hand, If No Ante No Hand.

50 Chip Value Single Bet Raise Per Instance Then Second Instance After Clockwise Reaching Bet Raiser And Only Both First Draw And Second Draw 201 Total Chip Wagering Max When All In Which You Can Declare At Any Time After First Draw And No More When Getting Back To Bet Raiser

No Gang Up Allowed Or Money Is Forfeit, No Looking At Other People's Cards Or Agreed On Chip+Hand Loss, No Back Standers Or No Play, Quit Any Time By Folding And Quitting No Distractions Tolerated Or You Have To Fold And/Or Quit With Cash Out, Breaks Only Before Shuffle Or A Full New Shuffle Can Be Requested. And Yes You Are Not Allowed To Play In Anything With Longer Sleeves Or Coverings Than A Short Sleeve T-Shirt Again Any Form Of Cheating Including Expecting Tarot Card Divination Hand In Is Not Allowed Nor Are You Able To Use Psychic And Psyionic Powers Or BioWitch/Warlock Abilities Only Sight And Sound Are Allowed Unless Agreed On Without The Same Terrorist Pressure That Forces People That Hide From Zombies{NonPixies} Who Still Infest The Earth And Who Cannot Win Against Even A New Nymph Not To Mention Good Ole AllA Erawa Viacad.

$0.10 = 1 Chip, $200 Down By All, 2000 Chips Everybody Has To Put In The Same, Every Single Player With A Single Chip Has To Agree If There Is Going To Be A New Player Buying In Or There Is Going To Be A Table Wagering And/Or Chip Increase And Every Single Player With Chips Forward Has To Agree To Any Ante Increase


AllA Viacad's Alne Table BlackJack:

Same As Rules Above When Applicable.

EveryPlayer Gets A Card Up And A Card Down. Betting Happens Once After Every Player Gets Both Cards Then After All Hitting/Splitting(s)/DoubleDowning/ExtraHitting. All Hitting Is Face Down Cards. A Double Down Would Be 1 Extra Face Up Card And Only After The Player Gets Their 2 Cards, A Split Would Be Allowed Only Once That Player Shows Both Their Cards Are The Same And Would Only Allow 1 Automatic Hit On A Pair Of Aces Split{Which Can Be Split Indefinitely}, Both Would Cause That Player To Be Able To Be Able To Bet Double Every Second Go Around After There Is No More Card Play So An All In Would Be 201 Chips Without Ante/Betting Increase Unless There Was A Split Or A Double Down In Which Case It Would Be 301 And Can Be Higher As Every Double Downing After A Split And Extra Splitting Doubles The Max Bet After Hitting For All Players With The Player With The Most Splits/DoubleDowns Determining The Continuous Doubling Where The Equation For Both After All Hitting/Play Is 50*2^(Total Number Of Splitting And Double Downing For The Player With The Most Splitting And Double Downing), In The Case Of A Split The Highest Card Set Counts Unless There Is A Tie There Then The Tie Will Happen Without Suit And Be Determined By All Split Combos Matched From Best To Worst From Considered Players That Don't Go Over 21 In Which Case It Doesn't Count At All. Infinite Splitting Of Equivalent Numbered/Ranked Cards Is Allowed, If There Is A Tie Between All Splits And There Is An Extra Split Set Not Over 21 That Tides The Hand Over Without Considering Suit Then Considering Suit. Highest Card Combo(s) Under 22 Wins With The Highest Card Suit Determining All Those Ties From Highest To Lowest; Aces Higher Than Kings Which Are Higher Than Queens Which Are Higher Than Jacks Which Are Higher Than 10s.. The Highest Card Is Matched To The Opponents Highest Card Then The Next Highest Card In Matched To The Next Highest Card For Tie Determination So A King And A 10 Would Always Beat A Queen And A Queen While A King And A King Would Always Beat A King And A Queen.

BlackJack Is Meant To Be Played With 2 Jokers Counting As Whatever Other Card The Player Desires And Can Be Used To Split And Double Downed With. If Every Player Agrees To Have A Certain Kind Of Card Number(s)-Rank(s)/Suit(s) Be Wild Like A Joker That Can Be Modified In The Most Common Game Variance And Can Have The Cards Native Suit And Number For Determining Number Ties.

Unless Multiple Decks Are Used In Which Case The Second->Final{With No Card To Match Losing In Strange Games} Highest Card Determines Ties Between The Highest Card If That Is The Same There Is A Push When The Chips Are Split Between Those Players And An Extra Chip(s) That Would Need To Be Split If It Exists Goes To The Next Best Handed Player And If Those Players All Maxed The Closest To 21 With Ties Determined By The Same System As Above If There Is Still A Tie Then Each Of The Tied Players Will Draw Single Face Up Card(s){Ace Of Diamonds Highest}[The Game Of War (Like War Because It Is Like A Video Game Where You Have To Attack With Your Whole Army And Rely On A Defensive Garrison And Fixed Defenses To Win)]Until There Is No Ties For Even The Extra Chip(s) That Would Need To Be Split.


Instructions On How To Play UnRiggable Card Games Online

Everything Has To Be On WebCam, The Deck, The Cards{Face Up Or Face Down}, The Shuffle, With Neither Leaving Sight Or Hand Is Forfeit, Technical Difficulties Terminate A Round, The Faces For Each Round In Sight The Whole Time Or No Play

All Rules Above Apply. All Players Shuffle As Normal And Agree All Others Did To Draw Cards, Then Draw Cards For Themselves Never Burning Cards, Never Letting A Single Card Even Get A Bit Out Of The Frame, And Not Showing Face Down Cards To The Camera Or Others Can See It And The Hand Can Never Be Forfeit From Their Side Of The Game, Just That They Have To Control The Situation From Their End Or Fold/Quit. All Video And Audio On All Ends Should Be Recorded. If Someone Is Caught Red Handed Cheating The Money They Put Forward Is Forfeit To The Other Players/Game Winnings, And Could Face Political And Social Ramifications, Integrity Violations As Well As Civil And Legal Penalties Like Those That Don't Pay Up When The Game Is Lost, Pay Up In Full With Designated Currency/Valuables, And Will Be Strictly Held Accountable And Garnishable If They Suddenly Try And Rack Up A Debt.

At The Beginning Of The Game And If It Seems Like Their Is Even The Remotest Sign Of Foul Play Any Player Can Expect The Deck Reordered And Every Card Fanned Out Completely Before Allowing The Player In The Game Or Remaining In The Game. Players Will Be Held Accountable For The Honesty And Integrity Of Their Decks. Although This Rule Can Be Abused It Should Be Used To Make Sure There Isn't A Deck Swap From Off Camera Cheating. All Players Can Also Just Expect A Reshuffle If A Deck Leaves Camera Accidentally Or Video Breaks-Up Temporarily.



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