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Buddhism About Nirvana Not Believed In By Chinese Communist Party But Could Be True As Around 15% Of China Believes In It Or Something Like It
If You Want To Believe In Evangelical Rice Candy, Yes You Will Not Be Allowed In The CCP And Could Be Persecuted
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The Japs Always Push For Such Things, At Least For Spiritual Development But
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Like A Sleeping Dream But Lasting Much Much Much Longer

Your soul is your consciousness. Your spirit is what directs your ghost, which interfaces with your body through the electromagnetic field of the universe. When you die you trip on psychedelics released from the pituitary gland most notable of which is DMT and most of your ghost leaves your body after your “near death experience”(if your brain is still intact after you go into cardiac arrest) and wanders the world haunting what you love as a phantom which you don't really have any experience of. Your devanchian before your next lifetime is dependent on your karma so you could be tortured severely if you betrayed the meaning of life which is perpetuating happiness above all else even creating beauty in the universe all the way to being rewarded with everything you desire like being doted on at a palace. You will have your spirit fixed of anything holy that you lack, for example if you died an old virgin and were totally evil, even though you will be tortured you will also be well sexed by your soulmate's' spirit's' dream ghost(s). Once you have been fully reformed and restored by the ease of your ultra-dream/devanchian which progresses by reviewing your previous life as your halved-day of work which causes you to forget what you reviewed as your ghost disintegrates that much, heaven/purgatory/hell will be complete you achieve a time(whose length is proportional to a combination of both you’re spiritual strength, and how you've lead your past life) of nirvana in a EinZPALN as you become one with a astronomically large group of beings who are like you in a blackhole as your ghost is completely destroyed and your spirit is purely passive. Then your spirit gets a new ghost as you become incarnated in a new body that has just had a DMT and other neural transmitter burst signaling the first neurological activity. Karma will supposedly affect you 3 times as much for what you do and usually in a manner similar to the hurt or pain you ensued very often in an ironic manner. It will most likely cause a rapid karmic rebound but will affect you with an approximately 99% chance in your next 7 lifetimes or their equivalent if you live shorter or longer than average. Normally the chance of a karmic rebound dissipates exponentially over time and can occur in multiple spikes some of which can even happen well after the 7 lifetime benchmark. Your Body Looks The Same Always But You Will Go Up And Down In Hit Points(Due To Quantum Compression Of Your Body-Parts)/Intelligence Due To Cycles Of Death And Reincarnation.


Magi Elite, Green Magi

NeuroComplexity Theory

Comprehending And Overcoming Complexity Key To Development
Development Key To All Things

Spiritual Development Is the Key To Advancing All Beings, Ghost Development Key To Advancing The Mind, And Body Development Through Imbibement Key To Having Brain Or Nerves Or Body At All. Without Spiritual Development Which Cannot Be Accelerated Except Training Throughout Countless Lifetimes Being Put Through Extreme And Real World Or Simulated Situations, Emergencies, Successes, Failures, And Scenarios One Would Be Without The Ability To Advance Ones Ghost Their Current Lifetime To Having A Higher Hit-Pointed Body And Would Be Less Happy All The Time. As One's Ghost Develops And Grows One Becomes Happier And More Content With Life. The More Light In One's Ghost The Smaller And Weaker One's Body Would Be Before The Quantum Compression That Causes Hit-Point Theory To Be True.

Nothing Can Accelerate One's Spiritual Or Ghost Or Body Development Except Thinking, Learning, Training, Playing, And Experiencing An Infinite Diversity Of Complex Things That The Mind Must Unravel To Compensate For Errors Or Incongruities, Know To Deal With Such Complexity, Understand To Get Such Complexity, And Comprehend To Master Such Complexity. Thus Having Incongruent Systems Such As A Universal Year Being 365.24 Days And A Strange Standard Calendar Or A Dual Imperial And Metric Measurement System Or The Complexity And Strangeness Of The English Language All Trains People To Not Only Be Better But Helps Them Compensate If There Is A New System Which They Must Comprehend Allowing Them To Master It At Near Instantaneous Levels As Opposed To Somebody 'Spoiled' By Simple Systems That Are Simpler Like Metric Or Hex Numbers Or Korean And Having A Backstory Which Enriches The System Like History Or Kabala Or Fairy Tales. Thus They Are What Has Been Taught For Epch-Eons Thus People Get Them Instantly Compared To Other Things For They Fit Into The Groove Of That Reality Of What They Remember For Hundreds To Millions Of Lifetimes And Spent No Time Doing Anything But Occasionally Mastering Other Things And Only On Epic Adventures.

The Most Advanced Games Are Usually Those Of War But All Games Should Be Mastered And Played Idlely After That So That One Will Be Both Masters At All Things Able To Learn New Ones Easily As Those That Play Video Games Can But Makes Them Smarter At All Subjects, Capable Of New Things, And Stronger And Happier All The Time. That Is Why Nymphs Go On All Kinds Of Adventures, Sprites Go To Buddhist Space Preschool And Learn To Fight In All Ways And Heal Magically, Fairys Learn How To Master All Games, Dreams, And Nightmares, Thronys Learn To Make, Build, And Destroy Anything, Angels Learn All Math And Science They Can, And ArchAngels Learn To Discover All Of It Over And Over Again Until Their Ghost Can Discovery A Whole Lifetime In Just A Second But A Newborn Would Discover These Things More Slowly. Glitches Must Happen To All Whilst They Master What They Are Learning On Their Own Spiritually And Ghost-Wise, Which Is Why A Nymph Often Fails, A Sprite Often Bumps Into Things, A Fairy Often Is Clumsy, A Throny Speaks Poorly, An Angel Screws Up Her Science, And An ArchAngel Still Gets Rusty, Glitched Out, Misclicks, And Mistypes.

In Conclusion The Mind Must Be Put Through Strange And Complex Tasks Of All Types Rather Than Remain Specialized In One Field Or Area To Advance All Life, Spiritual Development Is The Key To Advancing All Beings And Should Be The Foremost Goal Of All Civilization, And Society Must Make Sure All People Fill Up On All Food And Drugs{Fun Stuff} To Get Their Ghost's' Peak. And Everyone Should Learn The Easiest Language; English, The Easiest Standards, And The Easiest Games To Learn, The Ones They Always Had For The Groove There Is Deep For A Reason For God And The Angels Designed Not Only English And Many Measurement Systems, But Math, But Science, But Atoms, But War, But All Of Physics And Disciplined Everything Into Conforming Into The Best System And Place; The Alne Of Universe Generators. That Is Why Waterbags And Pixies Are Perfect The Way They Are. That Is Why Their Are Tough Times For All Sometimes, Whole Lifetimes Of Suffering, And Hard Places Like Earth, Sectors Of Sin That Must Be Defeated, Gambling Meccas/Casinos Which Pixies Must Learn To Stay On Top Of If They Fall Victim And Preay To Such Things, And Syndicates You Must Deal With Somehow Whether Or Not It Is Just Doing Something To Train The People Like A PreSchool You Already Failed From Which You Must Be Wary Of, Be Squelched By The Local Lords You Trust If Sound Enough, Or Join If You Are Convinced That Such A Thing Is Good In The End.

By: AllA Erawa Viacad, The Supreme ArchMage Of:
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